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Virtual Top Up

We simplify the sale and distribution of airtime globally. Whether you are currently seeking to integrate airtime purchase to a web application, provide staff with scheduled airtime to engage clients, or you are planning to periodically share airtime with family and friends, our solution has been intuitively designed as the perfect solution for your airtime needs.

We also provide low cost marketing tools such as Bulk sms and Voice SMS in Nigeria, offering a two-way SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled computer. With text message marketing, you can inspire your customers with reactivation campaigns and event-based, region-specific offers. Thereby, you'll be able to send timely, well-targeted SMS messages that surprise and delight your users.


About Us

Creditswitch is committed to providing the best of VAS Aggregator services in the Telecom and IT industry space in Nigeria. Our world class technical infrastructure and resources enables us to be the most preferred VAS provider for various businesses within the country and beyond.

Our flexible business model and technology allows us to serve B2B and B2C customers from different verticals at the same time. Our solutions and services are suitable for but not limited to business sectors such as Banking, Utility Service Providers, Insurance, Microfinance, Telecom, Government, Healthcare, Service Aggregators, Lottery Companies, amongst others.

Our solutions include Airtime & Data Top Up, SMS, Airtime Switching, USSD Development, Shared Short Codes, Short Code Integration, Cable TV Recharge, Utility Bill Payments. These solutions are accessible to customers through variety of service interfaces like Web APIs, Mobile Apps, USSD, Web portals, SMS, Banking channels like ATM, Mobile banking apps, Internet banking, Insurance and Microfinance interfaces etc.

Most of our solutions and services are geared towards financial institutions. Thus, we are committed to providing solutions with security as a top priority. By default, our solutions and services empowers our customers to expand their service offerings in the market and also offer them a competitive advantage, which ultimately results in their business growth.


Credit Swap Solution

Airtime Switching

Airtime Switching was built on the idea that enables easy share-and-sell of airtime across different network subscribers. Through this solution, merchants or businesses can equally receive payments through airtime. Airtime Switching is available as a web service, thus it can be integrated into mobile applications, USSD menu or web applications to receive payments through airtime.


Short codes

USSD Banking & Development

USSD is universally accessible on any mobile phone. This makes it a powerful tool for data collection, deploying software solutions such as financial applications, banking apps, information systems, amongst others. From short code acquisition to development to registration on Telecom platforms, we are here to help you achieve this seamlessly. We also provide integration to existing short codes (shared USSD codes) & USSD APIs


Want to Integrate any of our services?

Developer Guide & Web Service API

Our Web APIs allows you to integrate our exposed Creditswitch Solutions with your application or website. It is simple and direct to use. To have access to our developer guide, mail us via support@creditswitch.com; the subject line should be REQUEST FOR API DOC with a brief information about your business.

Our API document gives a description of the RESTful web services exposed on the Creditswitch Platform which enables business partners sell different products and track their account. Our RESTful web service mainly uses data in JSON format for both input and output operations. Http request header should be set to application/json or the corresponding data type. Kindly forward a mail to support@creditswitch.com requesting for our API Doc, to integrate.


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Our frequently asked questions here.

Simply dial *931# and follow the prompt

Dial *931# and follow the prompt

Dial *931# and follow the prompt

Simply dial *931# and your wallet will be automatically created

A commission is earned when wallet is funded

The service is available on MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9MOBILE

Dial *737*50*amount*931# (For GTB account holders) and *402*94520931*amount# (for other banks)

Airtime/Data Purchase, Utility bill payments and Cable TV subscriptions

*931# does not provide bank to bank money transfer/transaction

*931# USSD service is a convenient means of performing daily transactions such as airtime top and data purchase, airtime switching and payment of bills on any mobile phone. The service requires no internet access. It is convenient, fast and secure.

Any personal account holder with any mobile phone can use *931#